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    • Mother Pendant - Mother Pendant -- Ariel Gordon Jewelry
    • Mother Pendant - Mother Pendant -- Ariel Gordon Jewelry
    • Mother Pendant - Mother Pendant -- Ariel Gordon Jewelry
    • Mother Pendant - Mother Pendant -- Ariel Gordon Jewelry
    Mother Pendant -- Ariel Gordon Jewelry
    Mother Pendant -- Ariel Gordon Jewelry
    Mother Pendant -- Ariel Gordon Jewelry
    Mother Pendant -- Ariel Gordon Jewelry

    Mother Pendant

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    Return Policy

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      Return Policy
      Charms have been worn for thousands of years, not just for their decorative appeal, but often to symbolise good luck, love and spiritual forces. During prehistoric times, charms were made from shells, animal bones and clay. Later charms were made out of gems, rocks, and wood. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt believed their charms would pass with them into the afterlife. Knights of the Middle Ages wore charms on their belts to identify their status and ancestry. During the sixteenth century, talismans would be carried into battle to ward off evil and bring good fortune to their owners. Queen Victoria invented the charm bracelet as we now know it and her appreciation of these jewels quickly spread throughout European nobility. Charms reached a new height of popularity after the Second World War when service men would bring charms home to their sweethearts from all over the world. With people longing for connection with each other, charms became a way to express feelings and preserve memories. By the 1950s, every girl had a charm collection, with each new bobble commemorating a life milestone. Charms remain a popular jewelry item, as personalized keepsakes feel more intimate in an increasingly mass-produced jewelry market. Popular themes include initials, horoscope signs, birthstone charms, travel souvenirs, and family keepsakes. The idea that a heart represents the love between two people dates back centuries and still continues today.

      This 14ky heart has an engine-turned edge is sweet as can be. The front is engraved with a script MOTHER and the back has the date 5-6-65. It's perfect to add to your charm collection to be worn daily. Shows light wear consistent with age.
      About this item
      • Era: 1960's
      • Hallmark: back, 14k 5-9-65
      • Metal: 14k gold 
      • Measurements: 3/4" x 1"
      • Condition: Very Good (item shows light wear).


      Please note this charm is sold without a chain. If you'd like it on one of our chains, please select one in the drop down and we will assemble it for you. If you'd like to see full length shots of the various chain styles, head over here.

      If you'd like to layer it on your own necklace at home, that may or may not require a jeweler to solder it (it all depends on the size of the bail + the clasp on your personal chain). In an effort to streamline things and save everyone time and money on shipping, if you need it professionally assembled on your personal jewelry, we politely decline that service and recommend taking it to a local jeweler. We're happy to give our input on how they should assemble if needed.


      Notes About This Collection

      The entirety of the Heritage by Ariel Gordon Collection has been inspected by a 3rd generation, GIA-certified Estate Jewelry dealer so we feel confident about the pieces that we are passing on to you. Every piece here has survived generations and we are so excited that they are finding a new home with you. Please keep in mind that these heirlooms are sold as-is and will show wear consistent with their age. We believe that this wear isn't a defect, rather it's proof that the piece was worn with love in generations past. We will describe any notable wear or damage as accurately as possible and to the best of our ability. We are only selling pieces that we've determined are in wearable condition. That being said, please know that jewelry in general is fragile, especially antique jewelry and should be handled with extra care. We will assess all repair requests on Heritage pieces on a case by case basis. 

      We know that shopping online for estate pieces can be intimidating, which is why we will accept returns on our Heritage pieces (with limited terms).  Due to the one-of-a kind nature of these pieces, you can return it within 5 days of receipt of the item with a $25 restocking fee.

      If you're unsure about anything, please reach out to us via our concierge portal with any specific questions about this item. 

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