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An essential component of any jewelry collection, our range of necklaces are designed to be treasured and layered. All our pieces complement each other — personalized pendants, layering chains, happy enamel, cute charms, custom birthstones, baroque pearls, plus all the diamond classics you’ve been looking for with subtle shine and a whisper of gold. Put on an AGJ necklace and let it become a wardrobe staple, like a trusted pair of jeans or your favorite handbag. These necklaces are just what you’ve been waiting for. 

We offer chain extenders so you can add length to any piece so you can style the layers exactly how you want them. Want more tips on how to layer? Ariel shares her how-to-layer secrets over in our journal.

Made in LA, loved by women everywhere.


Designed around the idea that AGJ can be handed down as family heirlooms, this collection consists of highly personal designs that are meant to be worn together and collected over time. Whether it's symbolic of a special moment or memory, engraved with initials, names or dates, or customize...

À la carte charms

By popular demand, we now offer à la carte charms. These babies are available with or without a chain so they are the perfect solution if you find yourself needing to add another charm to your necklace mix (giving you more ways to honor those close to your heart or a life milestone).

We offer 

À la carte chains

By popular demand, we now offer à la carte chains. These babies are available with or without a charm so they are the perfect solution if you find yourself needing to build your own situation. Each chain in the collection can be worn together and layered, and be sure to mix different thickn...

Baroque Pearls

Our Baroque Pearls are a twist on the classic design. From drop necklaces to pendants, each pearl is unique and lovingly crafted by mother nature herself so there may be variation in shape, surface texture, and proportion. We think that is part of the individuality of each piece—imperfectly...

Enamel Necklaces

Designed to spark joy, our hand-painted enamel pieces lend bright pops of color to your day. In vivid shades of the richest majorelle blue to a sweet lilac, our enamel pieces don't take themselves too seriously but they are still chic chic chic. You can’t help but smile when you see them. Pick...


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