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agj x i am a voter.

It's never been more important to stand up for what you believe in. One way you can support the causes that matter to you is to be a conscious consumer. We are proud to partner with our friends at I AM A VOTER. on this 14k gold VOTER stud (it's sold individually and made to be mixed and matched with other earrings in your jewelry box). For each stud sold, we will happily donate 100% of net proceeds (with a minimum pledge of $5000) to I AM A VOTER

agj x this is about humanity necklace

 I've had the honor of traveling to the US - Mexico border with This Is About Humanity a few times, a community dedicated to raising awareness about separated and reunited families and children. To read about my trips & an interview with the founders of TIAH, please visit our journal here and here. We feel a moral obligation to stand in solidarity with those who come to our country in search of asylum.

One way you can support the causes that matter to you is to be a conscious consumer. For every purchase of this necklace, we will happily donate 100% of the net proceeds to the This is About Humanity Fund which works closely to meet the needs of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who are affected by violence and instability in their home countries. The organization advocates for their human rights and safety while supporting housing, medical care, legal counsel, and on-the-ground relief efforts. 

agj x baggu reusable tote bag

I love me some Baggu. They are a staple when I travel, in my diaper bag, at the grocery store, at the beach... pretty much everywhere I go I have at least 3 Baggu items on my person.

lumière locket by ariel gordon & taylor sterling

Rooted in the idea that every woman has a story to tell, Lumière Lockets were born out of a decade-long friendship between Ariel and Taylor. The two discovered they shared a love for vintage jewels and instantly realized they wanted to partner to make an updated version of the classic locket. Designed for today's modern girl on the go, these solid gold lockets are embellished with soft scallops that feel both playful and timeless... perfect for carrying your most cherished memories close to you daily. For another layer of personalization, you also have the option of adding a hand engraved feminine script to the back, creating a piece that is truly made for you.

From Taylor:
"I was given my first locket at 16. I still have it today and cherish it. I love the idea of keeping what's special to you close to your heart. My family has always loved vintage pieces and I've searched for the perfect vintage locket for years. Then, one night over a glass of wine with my good friend and jewelry designer Ariel Gordon, we decided to join forces and make our dream locket. This is a special piece for today's modern woman who loves classic jewelry. I hope it will be passed down for generations."

From Ariel:
"As I grow older and weave my way through things, I keep experiencing pivotal milestones in my life that I want to commemorate (my wedding, the birth of my kids, the passing of loved ones). I feel like these lockets are the perfect evolution and expansion of what AGJ is known for - personalized, handmade jewelry that is meant to be worn daily and reflect those you love most. I'm no longer limited to a monogram or a line of poetry. Now I can wear actual images of my family close to me. Partnering with Taylor was such a treat. She lives in the Bay (my new found home) and it's a true full circle moment for us - the Glitter Guide was one of the first interviews I ever did almost a decade ago! Taylor really is the sweetest. She has the best taste. She loves vintage jewels. We moved through the various stages of inspiration, design, sampling, and production very quickly and naturally. I'm also really proud that we figured out how to make these from scratch, by hand, in LA. From a sourcing and production standpoint, this is no small feat and I'm so proud of my team that we were able to make such high-quality jewelry at such a palatable price point."

agj x le feu de l'eau lucky charm candle

We’ve teamed with Los Angeles-based artisinal candle makers Le Feu De L'eau to craft the Lucky Charm Candle. Custom-blended with notes of Neroli Blossom and Sandalwood, each vessel contains a solid 14k gold charm hidden inside the wax. The charms are intended to be protective amulets and can be worn with the enclosed cord. Burn yours all the way down to reveal which protective amulets will be yours. Collect all 6 for good luck! (Can’t wait? Individual charms are now available for purchase with a separate 16” cable chain).

agj x murchison hume jewelry cleaner

Fine jewelry designer Ariel Gordon has collaborated with Murchison-Hume, known for their luxury cleaning products, to create a travel-size and skin-safe jewelry cleaner that is all natural. Dedicated to cleaner living, this collab is what happens when two LA-based brands come together.  It’s free from ammonia, formaldehyde, bleach, synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates, waxes, silicones, and polymers.   

agj x the ashleigh bergman collective

"I'm so proud to be a part of The Ashleigh Bergman Collective. She and I are cut from the same cloth and it's been so wonderful that our careers have grown in tandem. This collaboration is a real full-circle moment for us and I love it!"

AGJ x Sugar Paper

Because we are makers at heart, we believe in the art of the handmade and that quality materials mixed with careful craftsmanship are a winning combination. So it's no surprise then that we are big fans of beloved LA-based Sugar Paper and their chic line of fine stationery, and our AGJxSugar Paper collaboration speaks to that shared commitment. A hand-engraved monogram is a special and meaningful part of your personal style, so it's only natural to want to put it on all your treasured keepsakes. That's why we've partnered with Sugar Paper to bring you an exclusive opportunity to match your AGJ hand-engraved slim signet ring or signet dog tag necklace with a set of custom Sugar Paper stationery. Using the exact same hand...

agj x eberjey

Eberjey is excited to collaborate with Ariel Gordon on an exclusive jewelry capsule that transports them both to the beach. 

The Giving Palm Necklace & Earrings, inspired by Eberjey's Giving Palm print, marries Ariel's casual California roots with Eberjey's carefree Miami lifestyle. Designing around Eberjey's iconic Giving Palm print allowed Ariel to draw on the brand's best-selling motif, memorializing these tropical trees in treasured 14k gold pieces. The Giving Palm collection encourages the wearer to look upward and find inner peace by being one with nature.


agj x loom parent necklace

LOOM is a Los Angeles-based organization that works to produce education that empowers people throughout their reproductive, pregnancy, and parenting journey. They celebrate inclusivity and choice. They are an entirely new approach to health education. We here are AGJ couldn't love and support them more so we were beyond excited to partner with them to create their signature PARENT necklace in honor of their launch.

AGJ x FREDA SALVADOR Signet Nameplate

A meeting of the minds, Ariel Gordon and designers Megan Papay and Cristina Palomo Nelson of FREDA SALVADOR have always valued craftsmanship and the allure of artisan details. To celebrate their likeminded sensibilities, the two California-based brands are launching a limited-edition collaboration, featuring a hand-engraved custom shoe medallion, the Signet Nameplate that slips right onto the laces of FREDA SALVADOR’s bestselling oxford silhouettes.

AGJ Nail polish

Born out of Ariel’s obsession with nail polish (and her attempt to stave off a nasty nail biting habit), she’s excited to announce the launch of her new line of nail polish. She picked the colors based on the classic shades she finds herself wearing the most. Just like all AGJ, it’s handmade in Los Angeles with love. It’s formulated to be 7-Free (meaning it’s devoid of many of the harsh chemicals that are found in traditional polishes), not tested on animal, and comes with a vegan brush in a curated selection of our favorite shades. And just like all AGJ, it’s made to be worn every day. #AGJnailedit


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