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    I gave Coveteur an inside look at where the magic happens. From the cuter-than-cute rabbits to our 270-degree views of downtown L.A.'s jewelry district, our office is something special.  xo Ariel

    Business for the boss lady. Juggling family and owning a business (that's in another city) is the real deal.

    I worked with one of my closest friends, designer Krista Ewart to design the space, that combines true treasures discovered at antique shows and flea markets and the most colorful—welcoming—finds.

    The best part about customizing our space was creating a warm environment where we could have editors, friends and buyers to see the jewelry in its element. These cases were a splurge, but one of my favorite focal points of the office.

    Being in downtown, L.A. has its advantages. We're literally right down the street from the local craftsman we work with, which means we see every single piece before it ships out. That's why we love and will always be made by hand in Los Angeles.

    Some of my newest pieces on display—the Spotlight Necklace, Pirouette Fob Necklace, Diamond Spotlight Necklace and Imperial Disc Pendant

    That rabbit print, tho. We found it and knew we had to find a place to use it and it's just so damn happy. Plus, it makes just about anything we put in front of it look happy, too.

    I mean how can this not make you smile as soon as you see it? The goal was to create a really warm and happy space—I think we nailed it.

    Every year, I go to the gem show in Tucson and these guys are some of the crystals that have made their way home with me over the years. Anything for some good energy.

    My Candy Crush Tennis Bracelet needed a solo moment.

    Just a little look at how far we've come. When I started by business landing editorial placement was literally everything. Though the industry has changed, these are an important reminder of where we've been.

    Thanks for coming along on the ride. Read the full piece here!


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