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    Like the period at the end of a sentence, a little diamond sparkle is all you need to finish your look with stylish simplicity. Ranging from major diamond moments to little whispers of diamond melee, these pieces are no longer reserved for special occasions. They are exactly what you want for everyday wear. They are your wardrobe staples, like a trusted pair of jeans or your favorite handbag.

    AGJ consists of highly customizable pieces designed to be layered and collected over time. Every piece of jewelry that Ariel wears is symbolic of a treasured moment in her life, and she wants AGJ pieces to be an extension of the woman wearing them — tangible symbols of those she holds dear to her heart, or a happy occasion in her life. Genuine birthstones, handmade details, and other chic elements give us the opportunity to personalize your jewelry so that it's all yours. Put it on. Wear it every day. Forget it's there. More is more. A sentimental way to update your #agjeveryday.

    Made in LA, loved by women everywhere.

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