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Go Behind The Scenes

A closer look inside our newest Spring collection shoot.

The team (work) that makes the dream work.

Go Behind The Scenes

A closer look inside our newest Spring collection shoot.

The team (work) that makes the dream work.

It goes without saying that producing a major photoshoot during Covid takes coordination and planning like no other. And our recent campaign shoot earlier this month was certainly no exception. We had all hands on deck to get the pics we wanted (and needed) to launch our latest collection. 

So to take you behind the curtain, I've gathered a few of my favorite pics from the day. From gathering the goods downtown and getting behind the wheels of a Uhaul to get to set to the (very)  long days with the very best team in front of and behind the camera, this is #bts look at how it all went down. 

From hair and makeup to videography, we brought in the tried-and-true MVPs to help us execute our latest campaign and lookbook. 

Over the years, we've assembled a true all-star roster of photographers, models, and on-set talent to help make the magic happen every time. Whether it's the still-life pics that live on every product page to Team AGJ who stepped in as hand models extraordinary, we definitely made magic...and the prettiest pics we ever did see. 

We caught the good light and showcased the new collection of banger pieces and colorful cuties on set and outside to get a range of images that captured all the angles of AGJ. Contrary to last season's launch, we set up on a traditional set to make the most of the moment and get as many good shots as we could, while our many talents behind the lens could work at once.

These photographs are the result of so much blood, sweat, and tears that's not always evident when browsing through the site. A team and effort I'm endlessly grateful for...more so now than ever.

And a big THANK YOU to...

Models Miracle Sharri and Jade Diana Estabillo and Eleena Mills and Riley Chamberlain and Kristine Szabo
Photographed by Yoni Goldberg and Meredith Munn
Videos by Alex Budman
Styling by Shadi Beccai and Grace Illingworth
Hair by Grace Codeus
Makeup by Kay Wamser


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