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    Back in 2009, I was starting out as a young jewelry designer at the exact same time as this brand new blog, Gem Gossip. I was thrilled to be the very first Q&A that was ever featured on Gem Gossip, and we instantly connected on how we were both starting out, sharing our passion for jewelry, and how excited we both were for what was ahead.

    Now, nearly ten years later, we have both built our businesses based off those initial passions we shared with one another way back when. So I was thrilled to welcome Gem Gossip's Danielle Miele into AGJHQ to share my newest collection with her, talk shop, and obsess about all things jewelry...as if anything has changed at all.

    "These pieces will last a lifetime and more, which is exactly what Ariel wants her jewelry to become: heirloom pieces. Her collection has gone from monogram pieces and classic gold jewels to staples with customization, pops of colorful gemstones and she is starting to add some bold pieces to contrast with her dainty lineup. I love her jewelry because there’s something for everyone and no matter what your jewelry style is, you’ll be drawn to at least one piece that mixes perfectly with what you already have!" - Danielle, Gem Gossip

    All photos by Lauren Newman Photography


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