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    Where can we find you most days
    Behind my computer and @ohjoy.

    Last Purchase
    A pair of Marais sandals, which are one of my favorite shoes EVER.

    Biggest Indulgence
    Vintage furniture. I don’t buy it often, but it’s always something I feel ok spending the money on because of its history.

    Favorite Cocktail
    I don’t drink cocktails, so my fave is some sort of fruity mocktail.

    Most Treasured Piece of Jewelry
    My engagement ring and wedding band.

    First Piece of Jewelry You Remember Getting As a Gift
    When my husband and I were dating, he gave me this sterling silver heart ring from Tiffany & Co. I didn’t wear any jewelry then, so it was really hard for me to wear, but I wore it because he gave it to me.

    Go-To Nail Color
    Classic Red - which is funny because I loathe red on anything else!

    Go-To Cause
    Baby2Baby, which helps provide necessities (diapers, clothes, toys, books) to children and families in need.

    Favorite beauty product
    Nars Orgasm Blush

    Best part of your day
    Coming home to my kids and that time we spend together winding down from the day before they go to bed.

    How many pieces of jewelry do you usually wear at any given time (what are they?)
    About 5-9. Sounds like a lot but I love dainty, everyday jewelry so I layer rings and bracelets a lot. Right now, I have on my: AGJ Medallion Signet, AGJ Dual Birthstone Ring, AGJ Mini Diamond Dash Bracelet, my wedding rings, plus a couple other layering bracelets and rings.

    Favorite curse word
    If my kids aren’t around…SH*T

    Typical coffee order
    Vanilla latte with soy.

    On my nightstand
    A book about potty training.

    In my fridge, you will always find
    5 different kinds of fruit.

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