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    ”Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe you must become its soul.” –Coretta Scott King

    Where can we find you most days
    Walking to and from my son’s preschool, behind my computer doing work, at a coffee shop taking a meeting, at a local playground, and/or at a fun local event in the evening.; and @katiehintzzambrano.

    Favorite Quote
    ”Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe you must become its soul.” –Coretta Scott King

    Last Purchase
    A Wary Meyers candle, cute card, and sage for a friend’s birthday.

    Biggest Indulgence
    I spend SO much money at Whole Foods. Every single week.

    Favorite Cocktail
    Aperol Spritz; I love the color.

    Signature Scent
    I don’t wear one.

    Closet Staple (You Refuse To Part With)
    Jumpsuits and Freda Salvador shoes.

    Most Treasured Piece of Jewelry
    There are a few—my engagement ring, my custom “Diego” necklace by Jessica Winzelberg, and my Candy Crush band by Ariel Gordon, which I’ve been using in place of my no-frills wedding band!

    First Piece of Jewelry You Remember Getting As a Gift
    My dad bought me a turquoise rings at Disney World in Orlando when I was around 9-years-old. It felt so fancy. We also road tripped to “The Four Corners” and I remember buying lots of turquoise bracelets from the Native American stands and shops.

    Go-To Nail Color
    Bright orange.

    Secret San Fran spot
    Hmmmm…I love the breakfast special at Super Duper Burgers! The egg-and-cheese muffin is out of this world (it has some secret sauce on it), and their homemade donuts melt in your mouth. The special also comes with Four Barrel coffee. I will sometimes treat myself and my son to the breakfast special if we find ourselves downtown on a weekend. Another secret is that 20th Century Café is just about the most beautiful place to get tea and cake and pierogies and catch up with a girlfriend.

    Currently on your mood board
    Clare Vivier wallpaper! I’m working with Susan Work of Homework to jazz the interiors of my home up. I love her minimalist-meets-maximalist style. She designed the interiors of my conference, In Good Company, and I’m excited to work with her again on another personal project.

    On Your Wish List
    A Misha and Puff popcorn sweater for myself! Also, another Frances Austen cashmere turtleneck. I have one in navy I love. I’d also love one in pink. And…spa days and local getaways are always on my wish list.

    Go-To Cause
    Homeless Prenatal Program. And I’m looking into ways to get involved with the La Luz Center in Sonoma, after the devastating fires in the area that have made numerous migrant workers and their families homeless.

    Favorite vacation spot
    Hawaii and Mexico if we have time to plan. More often than not, we can only get our act together to visit take trips to wine country or the Northern California coast. Everywhere around S.F. is so dreamy, I can’t complain!

    Favorite weekend brunch
    I love Cosecha in Oakland. It serves up the best chilaquiles and the waffles come piled high with whipped cream and bananas. The food is all to die for, it’s female (and mom!) owned, and it’s also great for people-watching.

    Favorite beauty product
    Facials every 6-8 weeks by Kimmy Pigliucci of AES. She has saved my skin from acne and I only use what she tells me I can use. I’m 100% Kult Kimmy (along with several other ladies around town!).

    Best part of your day
    It really changes every day, based on how much work stress I have. Saturday mornings are priceless to me. It’s the one day of the week that I don’t have to work the next day, so I take things very slow. We sleep in, stay in our PJs for the majority of the day, and try not to have lots of plans. Sometimes I hop back online in the evenings, but it’s at my own pace and feels fun and creative.

    How many pieces of jewelry do you usually wear at any given time (what are they?)
    Lately it’s been my Ariel Gordon Candy Crush ring worn as a wedding band, sometimes paired with (but often without) my engagement ring. Sometimes I will add a necklace by my friend Jessica Winzelberg out of L.A. I am very, very minimal and simple when it comes to my jewelry. I love stones and gold and I am not afraid of color. I’m not someone who wears a ring on every finger or layers necklaces. It’s just not me.

    Favorite curse word
    The F bomb.

    Typical coffee order
    Tea latte with coconut milk.

    Can’t stop listening to

    On my nightstand
    Children’s books. I get lots of books sent to me for our site, and we go to the library all the time and like to switch books up with the season. Right now it’s Thanksgiving books. I tried to find versions that were sensitive around the loaded holiday. At 4 years old, kids are able to understand a lot.

    In my fridge, you will always find
    Coconut milk—for smoothies and because I rarely drink straight-up dairy milk!

    All photos by Michelle Drewes

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