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    If you've ever seen Ariel, you know that she's never in just one ring. There's always room for another stack on another finger. Whether it's the OG Love Knot or her hand-engraved Signet Ring (an AGJ classic), there's so much to work with—and so many ways to personalize your stack. Here are a few of our favorite pairings and ways to wear multiple rings to get that stack on lock.

    The Paper Thin Ring is a forever companion. Our favorite way to wear it? On our thumb, just like #agjgirlcrush Emily Schuman.

    We love offsetting a banger piece like our Helium Ring with a more delicate layer—the Pavé Diamond Eternity Band is always a winner.

    The more delicate the band (and thinner the ring), the more you can get on one finger. Plus, we love the way the Turquoise Eternity Band pops in the middle of this stack.

    Or something special on nearly every finger. The hefty Helium Ring is perfectly offset here by a stack on the ring finger and pinky. Some of our favorite pinky rings? Love Knot, Slim Signet, Petite Signet & Dual Birthstone Ring.

    Don't even know where to begin? Request our trusty (and free!) ring sizer to get the perfect fit every time. You're welcome.


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