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While we continue to navigate this new normal, a few things are certain: something to smile about is all we can really hope for.

In the spirit of the times—and in an attempt to help anyone else out there who's looking for something to spark joy—we've rounded up our list of what's helping to get us through right now. We checked in with Team AGJ to see what they're watching, reading, cooking, obsessing over, and more, and are bringing it straight to you at home.

And stay tuned as we continue to reveal even more of our favorites during quarantine.

From Ariel
How I'm Moving My Body: Kyle Miller Yoga
I love Kyle's vibe and I always feel invigorated after streaming one of her classes she created for Love Yoga.

From Ariel
How I'm Quieting My Mind: Breath Work with Ashley Neese
As soon as I take a few minutes to do this work, I instantly feel a new sense of energy balanced with a renewed calm.

From Ariel
What I'm Buying: Cute socks
I loaded up on some of my favorite socks so that I can be a little more chic while I WFH...even if I don't take of my sweats.

From Alexis
What I'm Playing: Mind Games
I was made aware of a New York Times puzzle game called Spelling Bee by Elsa Collins and I've been addicted ever since. It makes you think, and it's the perfect antidote to all of the other mindless noise out there.

From Alexis
News I'm Following: Jessica Yellin
At some point a few weeks ago, I had to turn off the news alerts on my phone and stop constantly checking the headlines. It wasstressful so I had to set some parameters. I can always count on Jessica to provide her #newsnotnoise in an easy-to-digest synopsis that feels easier to manage.

From Alexis
What I'm Reading: Untamed by Glennon Doyle
Because who couldn't learn from a memoir about learning to listen to their inner voice.


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