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    Here's a visual of the various chains that are available in Heritage by Ariel Gordon.

    So no need to worry if you don't have the perfect chain at home.


    3.8mm Oval Cable Link Bracelet


    3.8mm Oval Cable Link Necklace

    5.5mm Oval Cable Link Bracelet


    1mm Diamond Cut Bead Chain


    1mm Diamond Cut Cable Chain


    1.5mm Diamond Cut Cable Chain


    2.4mm Folded Long/Short Chain


    1mm Triple Spiga Chain


    1.5mm Diamond Cut Mariner Chain


    2.5mm Oval Cable Chain 


    1mm Singapore Chain


    1mm Baby Curb Chain


    1mm Figaro Chain


    1.7mm Cuban Chain


    2.5mm Cuban Chain


    1.2mm Singapore Foxtail Chain


    1mm Astro Bead Chain



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