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    written by Beth Bernstein for Forbes Life

    "During the February 2020 jewelry trade show in New York, I had the pleasure of speaking to different independent designers all who had different experiences which influenced their lives and their jewelry collections that range from spiritual to inspirational. Here are some of their stories."

    From Ariel:

    "My husband is Italian (Luchese on his mom’s side. Sicilian on his father’s side). We were college sweethearts. I was traveling abroad our junior year and he followed me there and we traveled all over together. Later, after college, we got engaged in Rome on the last night of a trip that we had spent on the Amalfi Coast.” 

    "After my son Luca was born, I wanted something bolder than my trademark delicate jewelry and I also desired a piece that would represent something about the time spent in Italy with my husband,” says Ariel. She designed the Medallion Signet Necklace after Luca was born.

    "I was going after something with a ‘70s vibe—to look like a vintage weighty Italian necklace that a man would wear when he's boating off the Amalfi coast. I also wanted the medallion to be hand engraved with his name to give it an heirloom feel.”

    An OG AGJ fave, the Medallion Signet is a perennial piece in the collection that can have six letters on one side and it is on a gutsy twisted curb chain.

    And of the bestselling Imperial Disc...
    “When my daughter was born, I designed a necklace that could commemorate both children - another personalized statement charm necklace. As my son (who is now 5) learned to read, he always read the LUCA and MIA (my daughter’s name) and twirled the chain around his fingers."

    "He begged me for a matching necklace so I custom made him one in silver that says LUCA MIA MAMA DADA with hearts in-between each name as opposed to diamonds. It really made me laugh when I gave it to him. He asked why his was a different color than mine? Of course he wants a gold one. I told him he'll have to wait until he's older. Must run in the family.”

    The top-selling Imperial Disc allows you to wear those you love closest to your heart.

    Read the entire piece on Forbes.com.


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