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    When friends come together—over wine—special things can happen. So we're thrilled to introduce the byproduct of these two beauties. The Lumiere Locket is here, designed in special collaboration with Taylor Sterling of Glitter Guide. It's a beautiful locket design, in both circle and sweet heart shapes, small and large, that are the perfect piece to wear to keep special moments close to your heart.

    "I was given my first locket at 16. I still have it today and cherish it. I love the idea of keeping what's special to you close to your heart. My family has always loved vintage pieces and I've searched for the perfect vintage locket for years. Then, one night over a glass of wine with my good friend and jewelry designer Ariel Gordon, we decided to join forces and make our dream locket. This is a special piece for today's modern woman who loves classic jewelry. I hope it will be passed down for generations."


    "As I grow older and weave my way through things, I keep experiencing pivotal milestones in my life that I want to commemorate (my wedding, the birth of my kids, the passing of loved ones). I feel like these lockets are the perfect evolution and expansion of what AGJ is known for - personalized, handmade jewelry that is meant to be worn daily and reflect those you love most. I'm no longer limited to a monogram or a line of poetry. Now I can wear actual images of my family close to me. Partnering with Taylor was such a treat. She lives in the Bay (my new found home) and it's a true full circle moment for us - the Glitter Guide was one of the first interviews I ever did almost a decade ago! Taylor really is the sweetest. She has the best taste. She loves vintage jewels. We moved through the various stages of inspiration, design, sampling, and production very quickly and naturally. I'm also really proud that we figured out how to make these from scratch, by hand, in LA. From a sourcing and production standpoint, this is no small feat and I'm so proud of my team that we were able to make such high-quality jewelry at such a palatable price point."


    Like your favorite AGJ, these beauties are made by hand in L.A.

    (All photos via Emily Scott)


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