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    "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."

    Where can we find you most days
    Every day is so different! A lot of the time I'm taking photos or editing; and @jenkay.

    Favorite Quote
    "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."

    Last Purchase
    A new bikini

    Biggest Indulgence
    Croissants (I had to ask my fiancé and he called this out immediately).

    Favorite Cocktail
    Cucumber Gin Gimlet or a Mezcal Paloma

    Signature Scent
    Santal 33 by Le Labo

    Closet Staple (You Refuse To Part With)
    Silk slip dresses—they travel well and are perfect for almost any scenario.

    Most Treasured Piece of Jewelry
    My engagement diamond band ring and the gold ring my fiancé proposed with.

    First Piece of Jewelry You Remember Getting As a Gift
    My family crest ring from my father.

    Go-To Nail Color
    I don't really paint my nails because I work with my hands...but when I do it's usually nude!

    Currently On Your Mood Board
    Destinations! Greece and Italy.

    On Your Wish List
    A vintage "Sunday car."

    Go-To Cause
    Local food bank

    Favorite vacation spot
    My family's summer house on the east coast.

    Favorite weekend brunch
    Outerlands, San Francisco.

    Favorite beauty product
    Bioderma Sensibio

    Best part of your day
    Waking up next to Zack (my fiancé).

    How many pieces of jewelry do you usually wear at any given time (what are they?)
    /> I usually try and keep it simple, less than three pieces at once. I've had my AGJ Diamond Lariat on my neck nonstop this summer.

    Favorite curse word
    I use F**ker more than I'd like to admit.

    Typical coffee order
    Half-caf cappuccino...I have a lot of energy so I can't handle a ton of caffeine.

    Can’t stop listening to
    Rufus du Sol—gives me summertime happy vibes :)

    On my nightstand
    A stack of books and a huge glass of water.

    In my fridge, you will always find
    Pre-peeled garlic, which I throw in literally everything I cook.

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