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    We’ve always had an eye on Aliza Sokolow. As one of our newest #agjinsiders, (she's a photographer and food stylist) Aliza posts the most gorgeous foodscapes and we dream of being able to replicate her recipes with the ease and joy she seems to have. And in her #agjeveryday Zodiac Dog Tag looking pretty damn near perfect in every pic, she’s become a source of quarantine inspo when it comes to cooking. So while we’re all staying at home, and looking for joy wherever we can find it, we wanted to check in with Aliza to see what she’s been cooking and prepping and drop a little knowledge when we need it most.

    Meet: Aliza Sokolow

    What's your favorite thing to do alone during quarantine?
    I cook and bake. I try to do as many tech free activities in my regular life and continue that now. Although I cook a lot for work it’s my chance to zen out. To make myself something plant based to nourish myself from the inside out is really special to me.

    What's the one song that you've found uplifting?
    “Mafo” by Naira Marley & Young John. I was in Africa over the summer and these African beats always make me smile and dance. Also, “Confessions” by Sudan Archives, a lot of Mac Miller especially “Good News” and “Fire” by Waxahatchee.

    What have you been doing to stay active?
    My friend Rachelle Tratt teaches yoga on IG live twice a week and her handle is @wild_brave_soul. It’s a combo of yoga and dance. Also my best friend Jodi Moreno and I do AKT (Anna Kaiser Technique) dance classes on zoom. She’s in Mexico City right now and we always take AKT in NYC. I have been dancing and shaking out the weird energy as much as I can.

    Best book/article you've read during quarantine?
    I read non stop, mostly online and pod casting. I love Pod Save America and Jessica Yellin’s daily updates on her IG.

    Best thing you've cooked?
    I’ve been baking a lot of challah and also the blueberry muffins from Levain in NYC. Here is the recipe. 

    If you could describe your WFH routine in one word, what would it be?

    If you could describe your WFH look in one word, what would it be?
    cozy. I dress pretty much the same I hate to admit. I am always in a comfy LNA t shirt, or a vintage sweatshirt (currently loving I stole my boyfriends t shirt vintage shirts), aviator nation sweats/sweatshirt, FRAME boyfriend jeans and I put on my vans in order to feel like I am ready to go to work.

    One silver lining of being quarantined?
    I have a group of girlfriends that I have been traveling the world with for the last few years. We do a lot of work in developing countries with the Joint Distribution Committee. Most of them live in NYC so we have been able to zoom and spend a lot of time together. I love them and it’s nice to get so much screen time together.


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